Who is Predictive Health Partners?

Think of us as a rising tide, lifting all of the boats in your company's healthcare harbor. We provide the missing link between self-insured companies, those they insure and their healthcare providers. We combine predictive insight with relevant and timely communication from a trusted health team to inspire positive change. Predictive Health creates a new partnership to identify those who need help planning a better path forward – a path as individualized as the health situation, motivations and personality of each person.

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By partnering with healthcare providers and personal health advocates, Predictive Health is able to inspire lasting change in individuals' proactive self-care, saving lives and significant amounts of money along the way.


We use real-time predictive analytics to gain 360° insight into the health of your employees, their spouses and their dependents. By carefully examining your entire risk pool, Predictive Health can optimize your strategy, engagement and investment across all members.


Change is difficult to inspire without first understanding what motivates. Uncovered during one-on-one conversations with a trusted personal health advocate, insured participants’ intrinsic motivations are used to create their own personalized self-care program.

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Predictive Health can help you re-imagine your company's health situation – benefiting employee health and your bottom line