Change is difficult to inspire without first understanding what motivates. Unless you implement behavioral change solutions that alter a person’s mindset and thought patterns, their unhealthy habits will usually come back. Without the individual’s decision for and dedication to self-care, most behavior changes are temporary. While financial incentives to participate can be helpful, more powerful are the intrinsic motivations.

Uncovered during one-on-one conversations with a trusted PHP health advocate, insured participants’ intrinsic motivations are used to create their own personalized self-care program. This conversation and resulting care is in partnership with their local health care provider and primary care physician to assure care adherence standards and recommended preventative exams are occurring.  

And as a perfect adjunct or alternative to live or telephonic coaching, we integrate online video intervention courses that have proven to cost-efficiently eliminate stubborn, deeply-rooted unhealthy behaviors that drive productivity loss, absenteeism and chronic disease costs.

The programs offered address: diabetes management, tobacco addiction, obesity or unhealthy eating, alcohol abuse, physical inactivity, stress and poor resiliency, and poor sleep habits. Our combination of insight through real-time predictive analytics and personal interaction allows us to drive highly personalized and creative communications that are more relevant, timely and effective at inspiring lasting change.