Healthcare costs are rising. So is the pressure to measure your health management strategy and interventions. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, just 5% of your employees will generate nearly half of your health care costs. Knowing that, it only seems rational to invest precious wellness resources where the greatest return will be realized. However, knowing where to invest those resources tends to be the largest and most difficult obstacle -- especially with how quickly lives and health situations change.

The challenge lies in identifying individuals whose risk and costs are rising: those struggling with chronic conditions and behavioral and lifestyle problems (who are most likely not participating in wellness programs). We believe the key is to create unique paths as individualized as the health situation, motivations and personality of each person.


We create a unique partnership between employers and their local health care providers. Using real time predictive analytics, we identify the elusive 5% of higher health-risk employees who account for half of their total costs. Many of these employees suffer from chronic conditions and often don’t participate in corporate wellness programs.

To fill this gap, we provide an independent team of well-being advocates for each employee. Through Predictive Health, these advocates have the insight and personalized communications needed to help inspire participants to make and keep appointments, adhere to care standards, utilize preventative exams and make better self care choices to significantly reduce unnecessary costs.

Best of all, it can be funded by guaranteed savings.